Information / About me

My name is Natividad Ballesteros and I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember. In 1995, I got my first companion dog, a Chihuahua named Reina, who was the reason for this adventure. In 2001, I received my affix of breeder, and since then I have devoted my life to my way of breeding. The name of my affix, Los Reyes del Nueve, refers to the ninth group, which corresponds to companion dogs according to the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale). I can assure you that the breeds I work with have won their place at the highest level.

Within a short time, I started to go to exhibitions and gather all the information available: first magazines and books, then the Internet, courses on genetics, talks about diet, vet consultations, and other resources available in an attempt to improve my knowledge as much as possible in this new path.

Soon the first litters started to arrive and also the first champions. This was a reward for my effort and dedication in the never-ending utopian search of the perfect dog.

Likewise, after many years in love with the exoticism of the Japanese Chin, I got my first specimens in 2019, and since then, their charm and beauty have never stopped surprising me. In the same year, I also got my first Toy Poodle, attracted by their joy, glamour and intelligence. My intention is to continue researching my new breeds, always on the basis of the best specimens, until achieving the knowledge and correction that I have achieved with my Chihuahuas, following the motto “little but of quality”. Nowadays, I continue doing a very careful selection of my dogs, researching thoroughly every crossbreeding and betting on the judgement that has allowed us to have such beautiful specimens.

When purchasing one of my puppies, you will also take a part of me, a part of my affection, care, work and unconditional love for my dogs. I have fought for many years to avoid morphology and health problems. I have also been president of the Spanish Chihuahua Association for several years, promoting the improvement of the breed, and written several articles for different fora, magazines such as El Mundo del Perro and websites, as well as helped many owners to solve their problems and doubts with their dogs, although they were not one of my dogs. Everything has been done on an unselfish way, free of charge and accessible for dog owners and other breeders. This is how Los Reyes del Nueve was born, as a result of my passion and dedication. You only have to bring yourself to acquire one of our little treasures and light up your life.